Pre-birth to Three Curriculum

The Importance of the Early Years

Birth to Three

Across Scotland, a shared vision exists and a commitment to laying the very best foundation for transformational changes for our country’s children. At Lauriston Nursery, we welcome that responsibility and the challenge to provide the very best learning outcomes for our children and their families, empowering them at the earliest possible stage to discover the tools, the skills and the attitudes they need to reach their full potential.

The Pre-birth to Three curriculum at Lauriston Nursery is driven by our commitment to ensure our practice is as strong as it can possibly be, giving our learners and their families’ confidence; both in our staff and the facilities we can offer at every stage of the child’s development.

Learning Framework

Baby Room

Links between early life experience and cognitive, social, emotional and physical development start from day one. Our baby room is designed with that important factor in mind. It is a safe and warm environment, with all the space and natural light to stimulate positive feelings. Babies can begin to learn about the world around them through safe, supervised exploration using all their senses. With a wealth of resources and dedicated specialist staff, our 6-14 month old children will begin to learn about textures, sounds, sensations and feelings with others of the same age in a small group.

Learning Framework

Toddler Room

Our team recognises the important responsibility of working with young children to implement the early years' framework and achieve positive outcomes. Independence is carefully introduced in our bespoke toddler room. Through a planned combination of adult-led and child-initiated activities, development is facilitated and promoted in a fun, safe and stimulating environment that enriches and educates. There is a garden space too, to allow our young learners aged between fourteen and twenty four months to engage with nature, the weather, colours and smells. To form social bonds with others in their group and to promote this key stage of a child’s development in a way that lays the foundations for future excellence.

Learning Framework

Tweenie Room

Between the ages of two to three years old we promote independence as much as cooperation, using imagination to explore and develop a sense of understanding of the world around them but also to take part in stories and songs, to enhance creativity and strike that perfect balance which will lay the foundations for the future with all the responsive care they need to recognise the fact that each child is a unique individual.

Three very different rooms for three very important stages of early years life, but all three have one thing in common; each is designed around the four key principles designed to offer the very best start and the most positive outcomes. The rights of the child, the vital relationships that form from birth to three years old, the responsive care that guarantees each child is recognised as an individual and the respect that ensures each learner’s views, values and attitudes are shaped by the families, communities and connections that each child has.

Baby Room

6 weeks to 14 months. We will work with you to create an individual care plan for your baby.

Toddler Room

14 months to 2 years. With one carer to every three toddlers, your child will have room to develop and grow.

Tweenies Room

2 to 3 years. A nurturing environment with the opportunity to learn through a range of activities.

Pre-school Room

3 to 5 years. Starting to prepare your child for school and introducing them to the ‘‘The Curriculum for Excellence’’

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