Nursery Activities

Fun, Fun, Fun little people and little minds want to have fun,
the great thing is they are also learning through play at the same time!

Our Nursery Activities

As a childcare provider, we follow the Birth to Three curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence, which means following a structure of care, learning and development for all children.

All of our nursery rooms have a range of age-appropriate activities in them from the sensory areas to the home corner.   There is a huge amount of choice and something to spark the interest of every child.

Home Corner

Acting out roles, exchanging ideas and working together is all part of their natural learning and development.


Counting bricks and moving objects helps develop independent thinking and how children look at completing tasks.

Art Area

Helping to develop fine motor skills art also helps improve confidence in children as they see their creations come to life.

Story Area

The story area is an important part of nursery life, helping with listening skills and a developing a love of stories and books.

Puzzles & Games

From jigsaws to alphabet puzzles, we like to encourage each child to develop their problem-solving skills.

Music Area

Playing instruments, singing and dancing are all key elements in child development. You’ll see the staff dancing too!

Sand & Water

A great way to help hand eye co-ordination and promoting physical development and small muscle control.

Clay Modelling

We love the imagination that comes from clay modelling! Helping with creativity, self-expression and problem-solving skills.

Sensory Areas

Naturally encouraging inquisitive children, our sensory area helps to develop senses such as touch, movement, balance, sight and hearing.

Heuristic Play

Helping to develop a natural curiosity and exploration, heuristic play allows children to discover and play with everyday objects.

Small World Play

Helping children to develop and build on language skills, expanding their vocabulary and understanding.

Games Time

Working in groups during games time helps children to develop confidence and communication skills.

Climbing Frame

Great at helping to develop co-ordination, balance and agility children love climbing and being active.

Garden Play

Our gardens are specially designed to be engaging and encourage outdoor play.

Daily Walks

We like to get out and about every day at Lauriston making sure the children get fresh air and exercise.

While the activities at Lauriston are structured, they are also very much child led, we listen to the children and what they want to learn about, which enables us to keep them engaged throughout their time with us.  One week we may have a topic about the weather, the next week we may be focusing on traffic and road safety.

Baby Room

6 weeks to 14 months. We will work with you to create an individual care plan for your baby.

Toddler Room

14 months to 2 years. With one carer to every three toddlers, your child will have room to develop and grow.

Tweenies Room

2 to 3 years. A nurturing environment with the opportunity to learn through a range of activities.

Pre-school Room

3 to 5 years. Starting to prepare your child for school and introducing them to the ‘‘The Curriculum for Excellence’’

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