Curriculum for Excellence

Curriculum for Excellence has been designed specifically
to transform education across Scotland

for Excellence

At Lauriston Nursery the Curriculum for Excellence is the basis of many of the activities that follow on from our birth to three rooms. In our bespoke pre-school room, three to five year olds are further introduced to the skills they will need to become confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and valued, effective contributors, both in later education and in later society.

Curriculum for Excellence has been designed specifically to transform education across Scotland by providing a curriculum that is enriched, flexible and above all; coherent and relevant for modern life, it encompasses much more than the learning that happens in the classroom. It also informs the ethos and daily life of the nursery and the opportunities we strive to give our learners.

All activities are planned carefully around children’s development and interests with all of our learners involved in all areas of nursery life and playing active roles, both in their own learning as well as their own planning and evaluating of activities.

We work in partnership with our local authority to deliver learning that fulfils the curriculum for excellence, empowering our young children with the knowledge, skills and qualities they will need for life in the 21st century, delivering a curriculum aimed at created successful young learners, who will grow to be confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors, today and tomorrow…

In order to achieve that, our sessions are planned around challenging but enjoyable tasks that balance relevant learning with progression and depth, personalisation and choice also play key roles. These are key themes that are introduced in a perfect setting; the caring and safe environment of our pre-school room for learners to carry forward into primary, secondary education and the journey beyond.

At Lauriston Nursery we also offer online learning journeys for you to share and record observations, records of achievement and photos of learning and development through a safe and secure online system, giving you daily access to what happens in the pre-school room via our bespoke app. You can even choose to upload special moments or events from home to play an important part of your child’s journey and stay informed whenever you choose to.

We also work in partnership with Fife and Perth and Kinross councils to deliver and offer the Early Learning and Childcare funding to children aged 3-5 years. At present children are entitled to a maximum of 15 hours and 50 minutes per week from the term after their 3rd birthday. In August 2020 the funded hours in due to increase for 600 hours to 1140 hours per year, get in touch with a member of our management team for more information.

Baby Room

6 weeks to 14 months. We will work with you to create an individual care plan for your baby.

Toddler Room

14 months to 2 years. With one carer to every three toddlers, your child will have room to develop and grow.

Tweenies Room

2 to 3 years. A nurturing environment with the opportunity to learn through a range of activities.

Pre-school Room

3 to 5 years. Starting to prepare your child for school and introducing them to the ‘‘The Curriculum for Excellence’’

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