A Day in My Life

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a day in my life

A Day in My Life

My name is Adrian Cole I am 3 ¾, I like dinosaurs and Lego.

At 7.00 in the morning, I get up out my bed holding my cuddly Triceratops who I call Terry.

Before I get ready to get dressed and go to my nursery, me and Terry the Triceratops go downstairs to make sure that all my other dinosaur toys have behaved, after giving the Diplodocus a wee talking to for falling out with the Iguanodon I hear my daddy shouting me it is time to get dressed.

Mummy has left out shorts and a t shirt for me to wear, so she must have heard the man on the TV saying it is going to be sunny, or maybe she just asked Alexa.

After having a wee drink of water, I got dressed, brushed my teeth and done something with my hair to make it presentable we jumped in Daddies car, I am in the back seat thinking about how much fun I am going to have, Daddy is navigating through the traffic, trying to talk to me, but I really know he is probably also thinking about spreadsheets and boring stuff too.

Out the car and I get to press the door button to get into the nursery, a wee hello and high five with the manager who calls me cheeky, I have to walk past the kitchen, a wee hello to the chef, his room always smells good, I wonder what breakfast is going to be?

We wave to dad as I go into the room, he is on his way to his big office in Edinburgh dreaming about spreadsheets, at least I will be the one having fun. My friends have the Lego out waiting for me, who can build the biggest tower?

I am now starting to think about breakfast, will it be porridge, will it be cereal, will it be scrambled eggs on toast? Just have to hope that the teachers tell the story quick and go through the registration even quicker.

All the boring stuff over and done with, I have washed my hands, I am sitting down next to my friends…..yesss!!!!! It is cereal with a wee bit of fruit on the side.

With a full belly, time for my daily yoga lesson, a wee bit of breathing and stretching and we are all good and ready to embrace the day. I think now I am going to be creative, should I do junk modelling or painting, mum always says my pictures could be the next Picasso, whoever he is.

A few paper towel rolls for legs, a box for a body and a tub for a head and my monster is built, the teacher takes a picture on the iPad so Mummy and Daddy can see it on their phones, then the teacher said Mummy has posted on the app thingy which is next to KidsYouTube on Daddies phones saying that we went to the zoo at the weekend, so the teacher asked if I wanted to paint animals….cool, there is no end to my creativity.

Next me and a couple of friends went outside into the garden with the chef and a teacher to pick vegetables that we had planted so the chef could cook them for us.

Garden duties over, a wee run around chasing my friends and we have to go back inside for French lessons… I wonder what the French word for Apatosaurus is…

Through the window, I can see the chef busying about, I wonder what is for lunch? Will it be soup, will it be pasta, will it be fish or chicken and rice?

We are all called in for a wee story and a song, this defo means it is feeding time!!!

At last, sitting at the dining table waiting on our two course lunch debating with my friends who is the fastest dinosaur ever… fish and potatoes from our garden first up washed down with a wee fruit cocktail. I take a moment to think how Daddy’s spreadsheets are getting on, before continuing our discussion about carnivore dinosaurs.

No time to sit about talking, me and my friends help the teachers clean up.

Our nursery has its own forest, so we are getting suited and booted to go and explore the trees. Once we got into the forest, I was told I was not allowed to play, I had to go and do a very important job. Our nursery had been given trees from the Queen to plant at the edge of the forest. The nursery’s handyman has all the holes dug out, me and my friend have to put the small trees in the hole and put some mud in and pack it down….another important job done.

Now to go and explore for dinosaurs in the woods……

After what seemed like hours exploring the undergrowth for herbivores the bell goes, when the bell goes we have to all head back to the meeting place, I wonder if I will be allowed to take my favourite stick back into the nursery.

All the heads counted and all my pals are all present and correct and we hold our friends hands to walk back to the nursery….wonder if it is food time yet?

Some of my friends who didn’t go to the forest are outside playing in the garden….should I go and join them or do I go to the Ipad table and brush up on my spelling….decisions decisions….think I will go and play in the house corner and cook a meal for one of the dinosaurs, who need to eat a lot of food.

Story time, me and my friends all sit around in the story corner legs crossed and hands in the basket listening to a story….this means it is food time soon.

I can see the chef through the window being busy…what will it be. I sit next to different friends at the table than I sat next to in the morning, don’t think they are interested in talking about dinosaurs, they are talking about what they have done on holiday, somebody has been to Spain, somebody has been to their grannies in Cornwall, somebody is going to Disney and somebody is staying at ‘staycation’ (wherever that is).

First up is a vegetable curry and rice, I like this, will need to get seconds soon. Two plates of curry polished of now time for a cheeky wee Eton mess, a growing boy needs to eat a lot.

Food finished hands washed, now to sit down and practice singing songs, the older kids are practising songs for their graduation ceremony so we are joining in.

Hopefully this singing finishes soon, I think I need to go back and put the finishing touches to my junk modelling creation before mummy picks me up. Soon Mummy appears to take me home, a wee high five to all my pals and I am off…another day at Lauriston Nursery completed.